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Logs in Forest

We understand the science and art of managing timber.



Cokel's forestry team are experts in the industry; Cokel has a large team of former ASERD (forestry staff). Cody Fermaniuk, Cokel's founder, started his career working with AESRD (Forestry) as a land use officer, building his contacts and experience working from various locations in northern Alberta.  Cody brings 30+ years of forestry experience; he was actively involved with the Alberta Wildfire program as a forest officer and providing industry with Wildfire Control plans. He also sat on the board of directors for the Alberta FireSmart program. 



Cokel's forestry team is leading the way in the forestry industry with innovation and experience. The team can help with your forestry management needs. Cokel's team of forestry management specialists are dedicated to developing sustainable forestry practices that balance the needs of the environment, wildlife and communities.  We offer a wide variety of services within our forestry management portfolio. We will ensure compliance is maintained and the commitments you have made are adhered to. 

All Sevices



  • Forestry management planning

  • Forestry inventory
  • Forestry training
  • Forest operations
  • Forestry marketing and business development
  • Project management
  • Consultation and community engagement
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Regulatory compliance and environmental monitoring

Stakeholder Relations and

Community Engagement

Regulatory Compliance & Environmental Monitoring

Project Management

Marketing and

Business Development

Training / Inventory and

Management Planning

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