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Wild Forest Fires

With over 70 years of wildfire experience we have the expertise to protect your personnel and assets.



With over 70 years of combined experience, Cody brings 30+ years of forestry experience himself. He is actively involved with the Alberta Wildfire program as a forest officer, has provided industry with wildfire control plans and sat on the board of directors for the Alberta FireSmart program. Cokel is FireSmart Alberta endorsed. 



We offer a variety of services to industry to assist in minimizing and mitigating risks of wildfire events, which can strike quickly and have devastating effects on our businesses and personnel.  Cokel has built a team of experts to assist companies with assets in Western Canada's forests and grasslands to prepare and deal with these untimely events.  Did you know it is a legal requirement under Alberta Legislation to submit a yearly Industrial Wildfire Control Plan to government?

All Sevices



  • Industrial wildfire control plans

  • Industrial wildfire risk assessments

  • Wildfire emergency response plans

  • Real-time wildfire response

  • Industrial wildfire training

Industrial Wildfire  Control Plans

Industrial Wildfire Risk Assessments

Wildfire Emergency Response Plan

Real-Time Wildfire Response

Industrial Wildfire Training

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